The Employers’ Federation of Ceylon (EFC) appeals to the new Government to enable uninterrupted business and economic activity to enable the livelihoods of Sri Lankans. 

EFC in a press statement notes that this call is in the national interest aligned with the ‘Tripartite Constituents’ of employers, employees and the Government which it strongly envisages.

“We are confident that trade unions share our views in this regard not merely in the limited interest of their membership but, in the broader interest of the working people and the national economy,” EFC Director General, Vajira Ellepola said.

In a backdrop of unprecedented socio-economic issues now faced by the country, EFC further wishes to reassure the authorities of its unequivocal commitment to a ‘social partnership’ towards consensus-building on key issues in the country for which solutions are urgent.

“It is also our fervent belief that the labour administration will, in consultation with social partners, facilitate a strengthened practical framework for meaningful, constructive and ongoing dialogue between all parties including trade unions, through the National Labour Advisory Council to address the current challenges,”  he further said .

EFC is the leading Employers’ Organisation in Sri Lanka, representing over 700 companies in multiple sectors ranging from Manufacturing, Banking, Plantations and Hospitality among others, and employing approximately 850,000 people.