Railway security officer pushed out of moving train


An intoxicated passenger pushed a railway security officer out of a moving train in the early hours of 23 July. The incident occurred aboard a Jaffna-bound intercity train as it passed through Wandurawa, Veyangoda.

According to Police, the train’s security officers received a complaint from passengers about two people who were drinking alcohol inside the train. When the two security officers arrived at the compartment where the two men in question were, they reprimanded them and advised them against their behaviour.

However, as the situation quickly escalated into an argument, the security officers attempted to remove the two inebriated men from the train compartment. At the time, one inebriated passenger had kicked a security officer, causing him to fall out of the moving train.

When the Police were informed of the incident, they searched the area, and found the security officer’s body 100 kilometres away from Wandurawa Railway Station.

According to the Police, the other passengers assaulted the two suspects, who were identified as an Army Officer and a man who runs a Railway Department canteen.

The deceased is S.L. Dissanayake, a 52-year-old father of two from Colombo, residing in Oruthota.