Passengers complain pvt buses charging extra


Passengers complain that due to the fuel shortages, private buses have begun to charge exorbitant  fares without displaying fare list or issuing tickets. At the moment, there are very few buses running on all routes. They are accused of being inconvenient due to unlimited loading and taking a long time to arrive at their destinations. Passengers claim they are not receiving the reduced amount of two or three rupees because the bus fare has only been reduced by a small amount.

When asked about this, Prasanna Sanjiva, the chairman of the Western Provincial Road Passenger Transport Authority, said while there is a shortage of buses running due to a lack of fuel, it is not a reason to charge any passenger more money or not provide a ticket. “It has been requested that a revised bus fare list be displayed on every bus. Private bus inspections have not been conducted in recent days due to the country’s economic difficulties. However, due to passenger complaints, an investigation will be launched next week.

If a passenger believes they have been overcharged, they can contact 0112 860 860. There will be an investigation and legal action taken. In addition, the passenger has the right to request a receipt for the money he has given. Due to fuel shortages, only a small number of buses remain operational, and they are heavily loaded. People also board the buses willingly. However, after the completion of the method of providing fuel to the transportation and more buses are running, this situation will be avoided in the future,” he said.

BY Wasantha Kumara – Matara