Non-complying staff to pay the price


Railway General Manager Dhammika Jayasundara said that employees who do not implement the revised railway fares, will face disciplinary action and that the revised railway fare will be displayed at each station.

The Cabinet-approved train fare increase went into effect on 23 July. He said station masters who do not comply will be held accountable for the revenue lost to the Government.

Meanwhile, President of the Sri Lanka Station Masters’ Union Sumedha Somaratne said the informal revision of railway fares should be implemented on 1 July as decided by the Ministry of Transport.

He said that the Secretary of the Ministry of Transport, the General Manager of Railways, and the trade unions met yesterday 24 July to discuss this issue, which was successfully concluded, and that the 48-hour union strike that had been launched was called off.

As a result, the issuance of train tickets resumed yesterday (24).

By Thameenah Razeek