Antique flags stolen from President’s House


About 40 flags that were placed in the Presidential Palace, to represent the Kings and Presidents who ruled Sri Lanka in the past, as well as those of foreign leaders, have been stolen, Ceylon Today learns.

According to a senior Police Officer, these flags, which have been safely preserved since the times…

… of the Portuguese, Dutch, and British, are of great antique value.

He said as a result, future generations will be unable to see these flags, and that every president who has ruled this country has protected these flags and other historical artefacts.

He also said these flags and artefacts were taken away by those who stormed the president’s house along with activists and visitors.

According to reports, a thorough investigation is underway to locate the missing flags and artefacts. Meanwhile, the damage to the President’s House is extensive, and the report has not yet been evaluated. However, the CID and other Police teams have identified approximately 100 people who damaged and stole items from the President’s House, Temple Trees, Presidential Secretariat, and Prime Minister’s Office.

The information on these individuals is currently being gathered by investigation and intelligence officers, and as a result of those investigations, the suspects will be arrested and the findings will be reported to Court.

By Keerthi Mendis