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Whether you just learned about the dark realities of the fashion industry and are starting your conscious style journey, or you’ve been in the slow fashion space a while and want additional learning resources. Green travellers and sustainable fashion bloggers are worth following. The instant gratification of fast and unethical fashion has become the new norm. However, pollution and exploitation always come along with the alluring price tag. Amidst the vicious cycle of micro-trend and chemical-packed clothing, sustainability is here to prove that trends come and go, but style always remains eternal.

Nathasha Fernando is popularly known as Nati through her Instagram platform. She is a passionate traveller and uses her platform to create awareness of tourism, sustainability, eco-conscious and positivity in whatever way possible. Content creation is her passion and hobby. By profession, she is an Assistant Manager at Digital Planning – one of the global media networks in Sri Lanka. Travelling has always been a source of relaxation for her, despite her busy work life. She also models and works with the Agency Sri Lanka.

Nati has a platform and she’s not afraid to use it, consistently sharing ways we can all be more eco-conscious, explore Sri Lanka and of course pics of her. Her Instagram feeds into her love for nature, travel and beautiful landscapes while also featuring dopamine-inducing outfits. She does not shy away from putting together enviable, ethically crafted looks for like-minded fashionistas to enjoy.

“It’s always go bold or go home, sorta a sense. I love to play with colours and prints but that doesn’t mean I don’t do neutrals as well. I also love to throw a little spark of retro to my outfits whenever possible. That’s mainly because of the love I have for vintage clothing,” Nati explains, describing her sense of style. Earrings are one of her favourite pieces of accessories. She enjoys designing and creating her own outfits on most occasions. “There’s one key thing that is a must if you want to look your best when styling and that’s confidence,” she added.

In addition to sharing information about sustainability, travel and motivation. Nati frequently shares the spotlight with other changemakers doing important work in this space. On her Instagram, you can find travel guides, tips and tricks and so much advice about how we can all make a conscious effort to be more green.

What does fashion mean to you?

Doesn’t fashion mean everything to us? It does to me because I love to look good for myself. It makes me feel good. I’m sure most of you would agree. But having said that, I don’t follow all the fashion trends because most of these trends directly contribute to fast fashion. says globally 85% of textiles go to dumps every year. 10% of the carbon emission is contributed by fast fashion industries and 500,000 tons of microfibers are released into the ocean by washing clothes. That’s 50 billion plastic bottles! Bottom line is – yes fashion is something we can’t live without but be mindful about your fashion choices and educate yourself and others whenever possible.

We asked Nati about her top five wellness tips?

– Be very mindful about what you feed not just to your body but to your mind too

– Begin your morning on the right foot because that’s an investment you make for the rest of your day

– Even if you can’t go to the gym, have a regular exercise routine

– People you surround yourself with play a major role in your emotional, mental and intellectual wellbeing. So be very mindful about who has access to you and your energy.

– With so much happening around us, our minds try to run fast. It happens to me too. Journaling, meditating and tapping into spirituality have been personally helping me to slow down my mind.

By Shafiya Nawzer