The Dark Caverns of the Black Hills


One sunny morning, the sun was shining like a golden ball. It was ferocious it could ever be, the water was evaporating in seconds. There was a girl named lily (the cute little girl in this story). All of her friends think that Bloody Mary exists. Nuisance bragged lily. Her friends told her that she spooks and haunts the deep caverns of the black hills. Although Lily was bored out of a mind hearing these fake stories, she was very curious to know if this myth was real or not.

So she somehow convinced her parents that she REALLY wanted to go! And you can’t say NO to little desperate girl who wants to camping with her loving fam… Right?

While they were driving lily saw a peculiar cavern. Her eyes were glued to the window, She couldn’t look away until the car passed it, Till they reach the camp side of black hills Lily was still wondering were those the caverns, “I must know” then Lily’s family started making a camp fire Can you get some wood  ask dad, “sure” said lily. When she went to get the wood then she saw the cavern. and since Lily was feeling a bit DANGEROUS, she crept her way into the cavern when she finally gazed upon a shadow figure deep in the cavern.

“LILYYYYY!!!!!!! GET BACK WITH THAT FIREWOOD!!” exclaimed dad.

It startled the figure and it disappeared into thin air……

Lily was still in shock…

She wanted to explore, but she knew she had to go back……

By Chenuli Fernando