SLTB fully operational from Monday


The operations of the SLTB bus fleet, which had been sporadic due to the scarcity of material such as tyres, will be back to normal from Monday (25), Deputy General Manager of SLTB, A.H. Panduka Swarnahansa, says.

He stated the total bus fleet of the SLTB numbers over 5,000 and noted that due to the acute shortage of materials only about 3,000 buses had been operated during the past few weeks.

He noted that as the prices of tyres had spiked considerably the firms that supply tyres to the SLTB had quoted a higher price for tyres, exceeding the sum agreed with them in the procurement agreement, which had caused a delay in purchasing new stocks of tyres.

Swarnahansa added that the approval from the Treasury had been received towards the purchase of tyres based on the prices quoted by the respective firms and he insisted that the supply of tyres to its depots had begun from 22 July.

By Mithun Jayawardene