Ranil missed a golden opportunity – Kumudesh


Co-Convener of the Trade Union Coordination Centre (TUCC), Ravi Kumudesh alleged that President Ranil Wickremesinghe had destroyed the golden space that he could have filled by giving the people the political transformation they had been asking for, with the attack of military and Police launched against unarmed protesters at the Presidential Secretariat and GotaGoGama on Friday (22).

Speaking to the media Kumudesh said the President had missed his last chance to make that political transformation for the country.

The President’s conduct as soon as he assumed duties cannot be approved by anyone with political experience. “Even if he had deployed the world’s most skilled Army to suppress unarmed protesters without even a palm stave in their hands, it would make one wonder if someone like President Wickremesinghe, who had been in politics for more than five decades, had taken such a decision,” he added.

He stressed on the need to win the people’s struggle for political transformation. Even before the lapse of 24 hours, Wickremesinghe proved that he was not the leader needed for that struggle. Instead the new President, who was elected as a result of that struggle, had proved that he was a mere tool in the hands of the Rajapaksas. By using the Armed Force to squash unarmed protesters he had proved himself to be a traitor to the struggle and the political transformation that the people were asking for. 

Kumudesh said the President should be held directly responsible for the disastrous conditions that may arise in the country in the future following this incident. 

By Dilanthi Jayamanne