Police explain why protesters were removed from the Presidential Secretariat


Police Media Spokesperson SSP Nihal Thalduwa explained that protesters were removed from the Presidential Secretariat yesterday (22) in order to create a suitable environment for the President to carry out his duties at the location without hindrance.

Speaking at a press conference today (23), the Police Media Spokesperson said that the President’s House, Temple Trees and the Prime Minister’s Office are currently not operational.

Therefore, the protesters had to be removed from the Presidential Secretariat to ensure that newly appointed President Ranil Wickremesinghe could carry out his duties without any encumbrance.

SSP Thalduwa further said that the crowd had to be removed since they did not adhere to instructions issued several times by the Police to leave.

He highlighted that no one can forcefully enter property belonging to the government.

SSP Thalduwa also added that protesters are allowed to freely protest at the Galle Face Green.

The Police Media Spokesperson further said that in order to prepare the environment necessary for maintaining the activities of the Presidential Secretariat, several temporary tents set up around the premises had to be removed.


  1. (Ranil) Alibaba and the bunch of thieves of Diyavanna Oya wanted to prove a point. Point is that they won’t think twice, before shamelessly attacking innocent group people without any warning in the middle of the night when nobody could be warned. They may think its heroic but reality is it is barbaric and extreme cowardice. Even in a war a reasonable attacker would let the innocent people flee. Not according to Ranil and his utterly despicable bunch of hooligans.
    There is no difference between Mahinda’s use of services of thugs versus Alibaba’s use of obliging group of service men waiting to show what they know best; Confrontation against unarmed citizens. We saw in the news how a uniformed thug had used massive force against a man waiting in a petrol queue, unawares so that he couldn’t take any evasive action. I’m sure this thug would have been promoted by Ranil and was there at Galle Face.
    One may start to think why didn’t Gotha use the armed forces to suppress the uprising in this scale. He should have been the person one may imagine would use the armed forces. But he knew armed forces are for the protection of the country from enemies and not to ruthlessly suppress the free will of the citizens. He wouldn’t have insulted the armed forces by engaging them for such petty personal glory. Ranil does not know the ethics and does not have that culture. He was a fool, to use this facility.
    I’m sure armed forces will start to think, if that’s the proper procedure to follow and at a certain point would refuse to follow this type of instructions against the will of people. Specially, when it comes from a person, many a times rejected by the masses.

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