International community condemns attack on protesters, emphasises on right to peacefully protest


Several diplomats and other representatives of the international community have expressed their grave concerns over the military attack that took place in Colombo this morning (22).

Taking to Twitter, the delegation of the European Union to Sri Lanka questioned how the restriction of a right as crucial as that of the freedom of expression would aid the ongoing crisis.

Canadian High Commissioner to Sri Lanka and Maldives David McKinnon also questioned as to why such a course of action is being taken at a time as such, noting that it is crucial that authorities act with restraint, while avoiding violence.

Meanwhile, U.S and Swiss Ambassadors to Sri Lanka, Julie Chung and Dominik Furgler, respectively, both expresed their deep concern over the attack against the protesters, urging that all those who were injured be given immediate access to medical attention.

Meanwhile, British High Commissioner to Sri Lanka Sarah Hulton also expressed her grave concerns, reiterating the importance of the right to peacefully protest.

In the early hours of today morning (22), large military presence was seen moving towards the main protest site in Galle Face, Colombo, after which several persons, including journalists and lawyers, were attacked, while multiple tents at the site had also been destroyed.

A journalist attached to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is also believed to be amongst those attacked.