Fake FB page in Cardinal’s name


The Archdiocesan Social Communication and Cultural Centre (ASCCC) warned of an alleged fake Facebook page being maintained under Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith’s name, by parties who wished to promote their narrow political goals.  Director of the ASCCC, Fr. Jude Chrysantha Fernando said yesterday (21) a FB page in the name of Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith and the Archdiocese of Colombo were being maintained. “These two pages were being maintained without the Cardinal’s knowledge, misusing the Cardinal’s name with alleged false information. The Cardinal does not have a private Facebook page,” he said. 

The Facebook Page that the Archdiocese of Colombo maintains carries the official emblem of the Archbishop under the title ‘News- Archdiocese of Colombo’, Fr. Fernando added. He appealed to the public not to be duped by fraudulent and misleading actions of such self-interested parties. (DJ)