Having rocked the Marvel Cinematic Universe with his debut direction, Thor: Ragnarok in 2017, Taika Waititi forays the audience again this year with the latest Marvel movie – the third screened this year in fact-Thor: Love and Thunder. The movie has received, unlike the previous one, a mixed reception from the audience and here I am, trying to come forth with my review of it!

Let me kick off this with a brief, overview of the movie’s plot. The movie begins with an innocent, desperate devotee that is failed by the Gods. Having lost his daughter to drought and famine, he turns out to be the crooked, revengeful Gorr the God Butcher (played by Christian Bale) with extreme malicious powers. In the token of his name, Gorrgoes on massacring gods, becoming the worst and the most feared enemy of gods. Him having kidnapped the kids of Asgard, Thor(played by Chris Hemsworth) and his team (including his ex-girlfriend, mighty Thor played by Natalie Portman-yeah interesting, very much) go on a mission to rescue the kids and stop the God Butcher from opening the gates of eternity, while the so-called almighty Zeus –who again proves to be as arrogant and selfish as depicted in the mythology – and the other gods seek asylum in Omnipotence City out of fear. Thor, during the mission, has to deal with tragic losses and unpalatable truths!

Anyways, I might spoil the movie a little as we proceed, though I really don’t want to but can’t help with. So, spoiler alert!

A comic indeed

Something I noticed just as the movie started was that it was very vivid and had bright, gorgeous scenes. Starting from the Thor’s superhero outfit, which was too bright, shiny and studded with blue, red and gold to the multicoloured spaces, it had a gaudy atmosphere. Honestly, it was an off for me at first, but as I followed the movie, something clicked in my mind and I could see where Waititi was headingtowards. The colour tone was very alike to the vibrant marvel comic books. For me, it was beautifully nostalgic and took me back to the day I used to read comics as a kid. Hence, I loved Waititi’s concept of re-creating the comic version in the movie itself. 

Action packed humour, perhaps too much

Thor: Love and Thunder, in my opinion is a highly entertaining movie. It is heavily crowded with humour-despite the fact that some jokes never land on-and thus, is fun. The narration itself evokes humour through silly contradictions in the narrated story and the actual scene while the characters add a touch of comedy through dialogues and their behaviours, which stand foils to the grandeur of gods and superheroes. At one point, Zeus steps down from his floating stage as if he is a ballerina-, holding the ends of his too-short-to-fit-a-god dress, exposing his bare Greek thighs. The loud (and of course hilarious) shrieks of the two outrageous goats, which pull Thor’s ship, made in very unlikely situations generates a huge laughter. So yeah, it was quite funny!

Nonetheless, it sometimes feels that the plot is perhaps overwhelmed with humour that the audience occasionally becomes unable to connect with the tragic aspects of the movie. Ergo, the unwanted humour could be a disturbance for some and it is quite reasonable if they get offended. But at the same time, the very same humour makes the movie very child-friendly as it diminishes the impact of pathos on them and let them have fun.

Hefty with emotions

The movie, in fact, hefts a plethora overwhelming emotions and gives the audience a-kind-of-new experience. It beautifully traces the love between the God of Thunder AKA Thor and Mighty Thor AKA Jane Foster. As it is revealed to Thor that Jane has type four cancer, emotions start to overflow the screen and the audience can witness how the suppressed feelings for each other surfaces again, more strongly. Alas! The reunion doesn’t last very long though, because Jane sacrifices her life for the well-being of the whole universe and Thor, is left behind to bear the grief of lost and endure the life for someone else; someone who is born from the eternity. Waititi actually, seems to touch different and beautiful facets of love, revenge and forgiveness within the movie and I love that!

Synonymously, the movie questions the so-called love of gods, except for a very few including Thor, for their devotees and reiterates the hypocrisy and arrogance of them. This paradoxical nature of Gods in a way creates a conundrum where the audience is stuck at. Yet also, it seems that Waititi hasn’t truly gone deep to the depth of this paradox of gods as well as of few other thematic concerns also. The plot could be tighter.

Yes, you must watch it!

While there are both positive and negative reviews and I personally believe that it could be better, I still recommend you to watch Thor: Love and Thunder. This is not a silly a movie that a marvel fan could simply dump away!

By Induwara Athapattu