President will bring new dawn – UNP Chair


UNP Chairman Vajira Abeywardena yesterday (20) claimed President Ranil  Wickremesinghe who has 50 years of experience in politics will transform Sri Lanka to the highest standards in Asia.

Abeywardena also extended a request to MPs to join hands with the new President to rebuild the collapsed economy of the country.

“The time has come for everyone to work together in unison to resolve the prevailing economic crisis while providing a prosperous livelihood to the people,”Abeywardena said.

“President Wickremesinghe has a responsibility. He can’t run away from it. At a time when everyone refused to take over the Premier post, President Wickremesinghe took over that responsibility to strengthen the economy of the country. I am confident that President Wickremesinghe will resolve the current economic crisis by getting the support and assistance from the international community including friendly nations of Sri Lanka,” Abeywardena claimed.

He said the public must act with prudence, taking the current crisis situation in the country into consideration and everyone has to stride forward towards a new dawn joining hands with President Wickremesinghe who has a clear vision and mission.

As President Wickremesinghe had stated when he was the acting President, politics and fascism must be carefully distinguished. The country cannot fall prey to fascism, Abeywardena stressed.

By NaalirJamaldeen