Dougy says EPDP made a ‘prophetic decision’ on Ranil’s win


Following President Ranil Wickremesinghe’s victory yesterday (20), General Secretary of the Eelam Peoples’ Democratic Party (EPDP) and Fisheries Minister Douglas Devananda stated it is also a victory for their policy approach.

The EPDP is delighted to congratulate President Wickremesinghe on making history by gaining the majority of votes cast in Parliament yesterday (20) within a democratic system, Devananda said.

“While Sri Lanka is facing political and an economic crisis, we had honestly and boldly said the person who can lead the country in the right direction is Wickremesinghe. We are in a time where we all have to work together beyond party politics to do our duty to face the economic crisis,” he added.

He said in such a political environment, the political strength of the Tamil people and their future should be analysed in depth and appropriate decisions should be taken. But, unfortunately, those who had the majority of votes of the Tamil people have once again wasted the political strength of the Tamil people due to their wrong decisions, noted Devananda, who is an ardent supporter of the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP).

He said the EPDP has always taken ‘prophetic decisions’ and their political decisions are about the national reconciliation political initiatives that will lead to winning an equal future for the Tamil people and to find solutions to all kinds of problems faced by the Tamil people. He said, “Joining the winning side is not political. The purpose of politics is to make a win-win situation.”

He pointed out that the victory of President Wickremesinghe, whom they supported, has reconfirmed that their experience and decisions are political. “The victory of  Wickremesinghe will be the victory that will bring the country out of the economic crisis and if the people support him, many things can be made possible”, he added.

By Sulochana Ramiah Mohan