Minimum bus fare dropped to Rs 38


The National Transport Commission (NTC) announced that bus fares have been reduced by 2.23 per cent effective from midnight yesterday (19) and the minimum bus fare has been reduced from Rs 40 to Rs 38.

Speaking during a media briefing at the Department of Government Information, yesterday (19), NTC Director General, Nilan Miranda said the NTC conducted the relevant calculations in line with the reduction of fuel prices on 17 July.

Miranda said fares will be revised for all 350 routes and all bus service categories, converting the fare for the longest bus route from Kataragama to Point Pedro to reduce by Rs 66 for normal service.

“The decision was taken to increase bus fares by 20 per cent since last September on the condition that passengers will be transported according to the seat capacity of vehicles due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Necessary steps will be taken to reduce bus fares by 20 per cent since passengers are now being transported above the seating capacity,” he added.

But when queried by the Media as to when the reduction will be implemented, Miranda said, he was unable to give an exact date, but confirmed they will implement the reduction in the near future.

He said the NTC, with Cabinet approval, based on a circular issued by the Ministry of Health increased bus fares of normal bus routes by 20 per cent.

Miranda said, steps have been taken to obtain Cabinet approval for the reduction. He also said they have directed letters to the Health Ministry to obtain recommendations on passenger transport.

By Nabiya Vaffoor