‘Aragalaye Parapura’ says will file FR case against each cop


A Media Spokesperson for the ‘Aragalaye Parapura’ Movement, attorney Manoj Nanayakkara, said if the Police or the security forces intimidate those who hold peaceful protests today (20) with regard to the secret vote to be held in Parliament to elect a new President, they will file separate FR cases against each Police officer before the Supreme Court.

He warned that they will be filing separate FR cases against any Police officer who will be using excess force against the protesting masses before the Apex Court.

Nanayakkara added the Police officers who will be found guilty of such offences will be stripped of their promotions, pension or even lose their jobs and they could even be forced to pay hefty fines to the aggrieved parties by the Court.

He mentioned that ahead of all existing authority what is far greater is the power of the masses and noted that such forces cannot be suppressed through the use of laws, regulations or force.

BY Amith Gamage