Colombo Archbishop Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith appealed to all Parliamentarians to direct their actions towards achieving the aspirations of the “Motherland and its people.”

In an open letter to the MPs, Cardinal Ranjith urged them to act without greed and corruption at this critical moment and to sacrifice by giving the maximum contribution in accordance with their conscience, by getting rid of their party’s political power projects and corrupt acts such as buying members in order to achieve them.

“I humbly and earnestly request you not to miss this fortunate historical opportunity,” he appealed.

Cardinal Ranjith said that as a religious leader, he and the highest religious leadership in the island called for a democratic political solution which is favourable to the citizens of the country.

He said that it has been for the first time in the country’s history that an Executive President had been forced to abandon all his powers and step down. Therefore, a decision has to be taken with regard to the future of this country. The people of the entire country and the international community are eagerly watching the Parliament of Sri Lanka to see if the decisive decision to be taken regarding the future of the Motherland will be made according to the aspirations of the people. 

The masses have patiently suffered till they were pushed into poverty and bankruptcy.The country is in the grip of an economic, political and social crisis. It was when this came into this state that they got onto the streets and arrived in Colombo to stage a peaceful protest calling on the government to push aside its present governance and give solace to the people.

Cardinal Ranjith pointed out that it is now abundantly clear to anyone as to what should be done and what not to do in the face of people’s expectations, which had been fulfilled without bloodshed. “The people of this country fear that a wrong decision would be taken when their representatives meet in Parliament. Having won the struggle with non -violence they hope for a positive change.

“Most of the Presidents elected to power lost the support of people by the end of their term. When leaving they had lost their good name and their popularity. Mahathma Gandhi was referred to as the Father of India as he thought of his country even more than he thought of himself,” he observed noting that this great leader had waived off the great opportunity he had of becoming the Prime Minister of India making room for another person with popularity to get elected.

“More than ever before, our country has been awakened by the morale of the people who do not want a power-hungry leader coming to power, but a noble son of the people who is prepared to relinquish the power given to him coming to power,” he said.

In the 74 years of political history, the country was now at a turning point where the highest service to the country was, if the leaders were prepared to voluntarily give up power. “The people ousted a President from the SLPP with a 2/3 majority due to the crisis facing the country. Lakhs of people came to Galle face in retaliation against the corrupt political culture calling for a system change. They have achieved this by giving their maximum. As a democratic nation they have given Parliament the opportunity to choose their leaders in keeping with the Constitution, Cardinal Ranjith added.