URCO condemns ‘seizing firearms’ from troops


The United Ranaviru Community Organisation (URCO) has strongly condemned the recent protests in which certain parties seized firearms belonging to military personnel.

URCO Chairman, Thejan Samankumara urged the Government to act quickly to recover the firearms. An unknown group seized the firearms, according to Samankumara.

At a media briefing in Kandy, he said Security Forces must conduct a thorough investigation into the incident. Samankumara also condemned the assaults on Army Officers, calling them the work of “terrorist groups.” Samankumara said national security has been jeopardised and asked the Acting President and Defence Secretary to take corrective action.

He said the armed forces are there to protect the citizens of this country, not the Rajapaksas.

“Every parliamentarian receives a pension from the Legislature. These people are telling people to break the law and the Constitution. When the activists revealed the identities of two Intelligence Officers, we demanded that those responsible be arrested. However, the Police Chief did not take any action in this regard. This destruction would not have occurred today if we had done what we said back then,” he said.

He added that no war hero had so far actively contributed to the struggle.

“During the war, 27,500 soldiers died. Another 14,500 were put out of action. These people said to destroy the place where laws are passed in this country. Both of you are getting pension from the Parliament. There is a reason why war heroes haven’t come to the struggle. If those who attacked the war heroes are not arrested, we will besiege Colombo.”

By K.L. Suraweera – Kandy