Those without agendas should be elected President, PM – AKD


The Presidency and the Premiership must be given to two people who do not have future political agendas and are not power hungry, said Jathika Jana Balawegaya (JJB) Leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake.

He emphasised the ideal solution is to create an all-party government to stabilise the country and later dissolve the parliament within a few months. Then, an election should be held for the people to give a new mandate, he said.

Addressing the media, after holding a discussion with ‘Aragalaya’ protesters yesterday (17) at the JVP headquarters, Dissanayake claimed that, he is ready to withdraw his name from the upcoming parliamentary vote for the Presidency if only the above proposal regarding the Presidency and the Premiership are accepted.

“JJB held discussions with the other political parties recently. The main intention of those meetings was to request that two people who do not have future political power agendas should be appointed as the President and the Premier and a formation of an all-party government for a short period of time. However, these requests were not paid heed to,” Dissanayake stressed. “Therefore, as the leader of JJB I will run for the presidency next week,” he said.

By Aloka Kasturiarachchi