Set aside differences to resolve crisis


The Catholic Bishops’ Conference in Sri Lanka (CBCSL) expressed its “grave concern” regarding unprecedented political turmoil in the country.

President and General Secretary CBCSL, Bishop of Kurunegala, Rev. Dr.  Harold Anthony Perera and Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Colombo, Rev. Dr. J.D. Anthony Jayakody, yesterday (17) urged Parliamentarians to set aside political differences and agendas to arrive at a consensus to appoint an interim President and a Prime Minister who were honest and able to “muster everyone’s confidence.” They warned that if not, the situation would further aggravate and that the people would lose confidence in the already elected members of parliament.

The Bishop and the Auxiliary Bishop called responsible leaders to fix a time frame to have a General Election, and allow the people to use their franchise freely to choose their representatives who could lead the country into the future.

The duo said: “it seems there is a tussle for power even at this moment. All political leaders are yet to come to a consensus regarding the replacement of the President and the Prime Minister.”

They pointed out that the need of the hour was to form a consensual government for a specific interim period to steer the country forward out of the present crisis. The country is facing a calamity and in an unstable situation politically socially and economically. “It has crippled our motherland totally and what it needs at this instance is remedial measure,” Rev, Drs Perera and Jayakody pointed out. The measures taken should offer short term and long-term solutions to put it back on track towards peace and prosperity, they noted.

The duo observed that immediate step which should be taken was to form an interim leadership to bring about that political and economic stability. “Rejected leaders should not be entrusted anymore with the governance of the country.” The CBCSL President and General Secretary further added.