Remove new structures at Shiva Ayyanar Temple


Mullaitivu Magistrate R. Swarnaraja directed that all newly constructed structures in the Shiva Ayyanar Temple and the Kurudumale Buddhist shrine in Mullaitivu Thannimuruppu Kurudumale be removed immediately and a report be submitted to the Court.

The Magistrate issued this order after hearing case No. A/R/673/18 filed by the Board of Trustees of Shiva Temple in Mullaitivu Court on 16 June.

The Mullaitivu Court ordered that no new construction be done at this location until the case’s verdict was announced previously.

The new construction has been ordered to be removed by the Court.

Based on this situation, a group of people has taken steps to file a case in the Vavuniya High Court, requesting that the Mullaitivu Court’s verdict be overturned.

The Mullaitivu Magistrate, on the other hand, has ordered the Mullaitivu Police to remove the construction and submit a report to the Court on 29 July.

By Rasadi Chathurangi Gamage – Vavuniya