Seated on my wall she silently waited for somebody to come. The moment she saw me she started mewing. I heard the mewing of a cat but didn’t know that she was on my wall. I looked around and then I saw her. She didn’t get up but continued to mew, as if she was asking me for something.

She was a medium sized cat and I don’t know where she came from. I assumed that she was a stray and had come in search of food. Stray cats coming in search of food to my house is not something out of the ordinary. So I thought she must be hungry and wanted something to eat.

Fortunately I had some extra fish and rice and brought it out to feed her. My plan was to get her off the wall before my dogs spotted her. She looked like a friendly cat and definitely not hostile. SoI tried to call her by showing her the food, with the intention of getting her into the next door garden, which is presently a bare land with overgrown trees and shrubs.

The smell of the fish caught her attention and she immediately stood up on the wall. It was only then that I got the shock of my life. This pussycat’s back leg was injured. One of her back legs was shorter than the other and had a fresh wound. Her leg had no toes but only a stub. I was horrified because I knew this was no ordinary cat.

I also realised that my plan of giving her some food and putting her in the bare land adjoining my house was not possible now. After all how could I put an injured cat in a bare land and expect her to fend for herself with her injury. So after much thought I figured out that the only place where I could keep her safe and away from my cat killing dogs, was in a big cupboard made especially for cats. The cupboard has mesh instead of fully covered wooden doors and was the only option at the time.

She got off the wall when I called her and allowed me to carry her and put her in the cupboard with some food and water. She was such a sweet cat. Despite her fresh wound and the pain she must have undergone at the time she was not vicious or aggressive.

The following day I took her to my vet. My vet told me the cat was probably knocked by the train as the wound was a clean cut one and had not festered. He treated the wound and put her on antibiotics. Her wound dried up and the cat with no name became a member of the householdthat already had 12 dogs and around 10 cats.

I didn’t like to keep the cat in a cupboard because they are animals that like to roam around and enjoy their freedom. So I asked my friend Nadeesha (who lives close to my house) if she can find a home for this cat. Nadeesha is also an animal lover and an animal welfare activist. She also has two disabled cats.

So one day Nadeesha put a walk down the road and said she will take the cat and keep her temporarily at her place until she finds her a home. I was so happy that finally this sweet cat would have some freedom as against living in a cupboard.

Well the cat never went to a foster home but remained with Nadeesha who decided to adopt her. She was named Bunny by Nadeesha because she used to hop like a bunny on three legs. From then onwards Bunny’s life changed in leaps and bounds. Her leg wound healed and she finally had the freedom to roam around. She now sleeps on beds, sits on chairs, accompanies Nadeesha and her mother to the rooftop and even had her first bus ride a few days ago when she was taken to the vet.

When I went to Nadeesha’s place a few months ago Bunny came up to me. I spoke to her and she looked up at me and meowed. I picked her up and she started purring and stayed comfortably in my arms. I wonder if she still remembers me?

By Risidra Mendis