Asela Sampath to file complaint at HRCSL


Consumer Rights Activist Asela Sampath will file a complaint with the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka (HRCSL) on 20 July, claiming that the use of expired tear gas canisters and CS gas to attack protesters who marched in Colombo recently violated basic human rights.

He said tear gas canisters are valid for five years and that tear gas canisters manufactured in 2009 were used to control protestors. He also said many protesters, including himself, members of civil organisations, trade union leaders, and representatives from various fields, had developed allergies such as fever and vomiting.

“As a result of this, many people are receiving medical treatment. Tear gas canisters and CS gas were used during protests at the Presidential Secretariat Office, the President’s House, the Prime Minister’s Office, and private residences. I plan to meet the Defence Secretary this week to obtain information about the tear gas canisters,” he said.

In addition, he said all information such as who manufactures tear gas, when it was obtained, how much was purchased, how much was used in the previous protest, and how much is left will be obtained.

By Amith Maduranga Gamage