The Ever-trendy Bob and Lob Haircut


“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life”

– Coco Chanel

The bob haircut is back on trend now. It is a simple, yet fashionable haircut which is easy to maintain and at the same time looks trendy. The bob is a short haircut, and the length is not beyond the shoulders. Often characterized by the hair being cut around the head, up to the jawline, neck, or up to the shoulders, the bob also has a fringe.

When long hair is considered a characteristic of female beauty and also, as a symbol of femininity, feminine morality, and femininity, cutting the hair short is a rebellious act, often described as unfeminine. Hence, the bob haircut was frowned upon during its early days.

History of the bob haircut

Although we cannot say for sure, ancient Egyptian paintings and sculptures show that a wig was worn by women which is a bob haircut. Among these women, there are queens and elite women who have adorned a bob haircut and decorated it with hair accessories. The recent known history of the bob is when the french actress Polaire in the 1890s embraced this revolutionary haircut. At her time, she was often described as ugly and unfeminine for her bob haircut. At that time this was not considered respectable for a woman.

However, during the war times, many women wished to cut their hair short as it was easy to maintain. Yet, still, the bob was frowned upon.

In 1909, Antoni Cierplikowski, a Polish hairdresser, is honoured for starting the bob haircut as a fashion trend. Since then the bob haircut was worn with pride by many prominent female actresses, aristocrats, writers, models, dancers, and even elite women, as a symbol of feminine power and liberation.

Apart from being highly fashionable, the style was also seen as a symbol of liberation, breaking barriers, and women’s power.

After the 1930s, the bob haircut was not trendy anymore, as long hair was back on-trend. The bob once again became the trendsetter in the 1960s and continued to be on-trend.

As long big hair was once again in trend in the 1980s and 1990s, and layered long hair in the 2000s, the bob once again was not popular. Nevertheless, it remained a symbol of women’s independence.

Once again, the bob haircut is trending now. Many Hollywood and Bollywood big celebrities have embraced the bob haircut and are followed by fans all over the world.

Trends in 2022; the Lob haircut

Currently, the long bob also known as the lob is a trend. This is the bob haircut, slightly longer than its conventional length and is up to the shoulders, and sometimes an inch or two longer. This is more fashionable, and trendy.

Why chose the bob haircut?

This haircut is easy to maintain and is the best style for modern, busy, multitasking working women. It is trendy and makes you look fashionable and at the same time makes you look smart. Although some anti-feminist critics described this haircut as unfeminine, it is actually not. The bob is beautiful. And as long as you are comfortable and as long as you love it, why bother about what others say or think?

Also, short, healthy hair is always better than long yet unhealthy hair. There is no argument that it is not easy to maintain a long hair in today’s time when women are busy with careers, education and household chores, and their families. Sometimes it is hard for a busy woman to find time to maintain a long hair. Hence, having a bob haircut and maintaining it is always healthy.

Also, it is not easy to style long hair if you are a working woman. There are bad hair days and extremely busy days. Also, warm weather and dust spoil hair and demand washing daily. Long hair takes a much longer time to dry and needs to be untied until it is dried. It is not possible for a busy working woman to meet all of these demands of long hair. While taking public transport to travel, once again long hair is a menace.

So go ahead, embrace the bob haircut and look trendy, and have healthy hair.

Remember that Rapunzel, who was trapped in a tower by her wicked stepmother, had to cut her long hair into a bob haircut, for liberation.

By Ama H.Vanniarachchy