Royal request for a review


Sources at Royal College revealed to Ceylon Today that they have written to the Tournament Organisers, Sri Lanka Schools Rugby-Football Association, seeking clarification on mistakes made by the referee in their match against Trinity played on 8 July.

They have brought to their notice 29 areas that were overlooked by the referee. Chief among them is not showing a red card for a dangerous tackle on a Royal player; the second being the referee playing advantage for a high tackle.

Royal has also sought clarification on whether a player shown a red card can be allowed to return to play. Royal also sought clarification on whether the referee consulted any other person on this, as the rugby laws state replacing a player sent-off is not possible, and whether World Rugby laws permit the same.

Knowledgeable sources have commented on social media that after issuing the card, the player leaves the field, and thereafter the Disciplinary Committee will handle the matter. The interference with the duties of the referee and influencing the decision could lead to an allegation of match-fixing according to rugby personalities familiar with the disciplinary process of World Rugby.