People should be given chance to elect Govt – AKD


Even if it is difficult, a new Government should be appointed for a short period and the people should be given a chance to use their vote, as soon as possible, to elect a government of their choice, JVP Leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake said.

He said if not, there is a possibility of contradictions between the actual will of the people and Parliament.

Addressing the media, at the JVP headquarters, he said that people’s aspirations cannot be fulfilled by the current Parliament.

“Parliament should be convened immediately to appoint a new President and a new government. The citizens of our country are not in favour of the current Parliament. Therefore, the country cannot be brought to a stable situation,” he stressed.

He also thanked the people of the ‘Aragalaya’ for saving the country from an unfit ruler and coming forward to overthrow the destructive regime. He said the ‘Aragalaya’ was always about standing up against the wrong economic policies followed for a long time and Gotabaya Rajapaksa regime’s contribute to the current situation.

He said that the political culture, full of corruption and fraud that is not accountable to the people should be changed. While claiming that it is necessary to establish a democratic constitution in the country, Dissanayake said a new economic strategy too is needed to rebuild the country.

BY Aloka Kasthuriarachchi