Opposition failed to reach consensus – Kiriella


SJB MP Lakshman Kiriella says although his party is of the view that a consensus should be reached when appointing people for top posts of the proposed all-party government, that notion has been shelved due to other parties in Parliament are not in favour of that idea. He reiterated that though the SJB-led Opposition is determined to form an All-Party Government, the SLPP is not favourable to that notion.

“We tried to confirm whether the Opposition parties are still in the same stance prior to the Party Leaders’ meeting, we were informed that some of them have changed their stance. In short, the Opposition could not reach to a common ground. We were thinking to inform the Speaker to appoint a person to the posts with a common agreement. But now, that thought had been shelved. The SJB is still in opinion that the solution lies with an All-party Interim Government. We do not want to continue the current government with few new faces,” Kiriella said.

By Nirmani Guneratne