The very interesting and mysterious book Mary Smith and the Magical Toy Dragon is written by Savidula Rathnayake.

Mary Smith is the main character in this story. She is a dragon lover. One day, her father Mr. Tom bought a toy dragon. At midnight that the same day, the dragon started talking to Mary. Mary was scared but gradually became good friends. Mary shared this unexpected news with her best friend, Laveder. Mary told Lavender not to tell this secret about the dragon to anyone. This moment I felt Mary trust Lavender a lot as a friend.

One day as Mary’s parents found this out, they called secret dragon catchers. Mary saw this incident; she was hiding behind the bush. She was so sad, she ran upstairs to her room and cried. After some time, Mary called her friend Lavender and told to come at her window in the midnight. They started to search for this dragon who she had named Blinky. They kept searching, and found a staircase and climbed up until they reached the top of it. They found Mr. Oscar and Norbert who was half a human and half an animal. The two girls got help from them and went inside a portal. There they met Mrs. Viola and her daughter Greta.

This book took me to another magical world of mystery. This book has a lot of meanings like what such as friendship can mean, happiness matters, trustfulness and that teamwork wins, always.

It felt great to read this amazing book, I hope you do too.

By Yumindi Thewhara