FUTA demands PM quit Acting President post


Federation of University Teachers’ Associations (FUTA) demands the resignation of Ranil Wickremesinghe as the Acting President, claiming that, the office of Acting President was bestowed upon him by a discredited President who fled the country under the cover of darkness.

General Secretary of FUTA Rohan Laksiri, in a letter addressed to the Acting President on 15 July stated that he should pledge to the people that he will not offer himself as a candidate when the Parliament meets to appoint a new President on the 20 July.

FUTA demanded the Acting President to desist from using the powers of the office of the Executive President arbitrarily to direct violence and suppress the public at any juncture. He also demanded that he desist from acting in such a manner that gives legitimacy to an illegitimate government.

He emphasised, “The ill-thought-out and arbitrary policies of the Rajapaksa regime, corruption and violence are the main causes of this failure. On 9 May of this year, when then Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa resigned under tremendous public pressure, you stepped into replace him and gave a new lease of life to a discredited regime. You lost your candidacy for a seat in Parliament at the last general elections and became an MP using the provisions of the national list. The people of this country including those loyal to your own party have roundly rejected you”.

Claiming that the public gave Ranil Wickremesinghe an opportunity to prove himself, he said however, it was a failure.

“At this point in time, we need a legitimate government and collective and participatory governance. The country is not in need of single-person saviours. The events of 9 July have clearly demonstrated that the present Government has lost all legitimacy,” he stressed.

He demanded the Acting President to listen to the voices of reason and the peoples’ will and step down from his office honourably as he is well aware failure to do so could lead to a state of tremendous uncertainty and instability in the country. (AK)