Fuel crisis, curfew deal blow to pvt bus workers


Secretary of the All Ceylon Private Bus Owners’ Association (ACPBOA) Anjana Priyanjith said, a massive blow had been dealt to the country’s transport network due to the ongoing political instability here.

He stated that due to this pathetic situation, scores of those who are making a living out of this industry are currently facing an uncertain future with regard to their livelihood.

Priyanjith noted that besides the woes they are facing with regard to the ongoing fuel crisis, their plight has worsened further due to the ad-hoc imposition of curfews by the law enforcement authorities.

He alleged that due to the irregular imposition of curfew, transport services tend to grind to sudden halt countrywide further dealing a serious blow to their earning capacity.

The ACPBOA Secretary added that though the Government had assured private bus owners it would supply adequate stocks of diesel via SLTB depots such promises have only been confined only to words.

By Mithun Jayawardene