Eyes that shimmer not with tears


Hasun Sameera, the young director who came under the limelight with his previous direction, Chalo, is bringing about a new teledrama experience to his audience with Es (eyes), written by Dineshara Punchihewa, which is being aired on Swarnawahini on weekdays at 7.30 pm. The teledrama stars both young and proficient actors including Geethma Bandara, Kumuditha Gunawardhane, Kelum Sri, Kawmini Thathsarani, Ashen Siriwardhane, Jayani Senanayake, Buddhika Jayarathne, Niroshan Wijesinghe, Wasantha Wittachchi, Piyumi Botheju, Cathura Rajapaksha, Suran Dasanayake, Roshana Ondachchi, and Kingsly Loes.

A story of love, jealousy, and hatred

The bit-complicated plot basically evolves centring the love between the two main characters, Akash and Sanwaree. Akash is a young man in high school, who is a good boxer and also a good guitar player and singer. He lives with his mother Ranmali and never has he had the love of his anonymous father. Despite being sunken into the abyss of poverty, Ranmali never begs anyone but works as an urban cleaner at the municipal council. Akash, apart from studying and boxing, becomes a support to Ranmali by singing for money in restaurants at night.

Marlon, Ranmali’s love of life that ended up but with marriage, does not know whereabouts of her and believes that his father, Jayabahu Karaliyadda, is behind Ranmali’s disappearance. However, he, who marries under the pressure of his father in the midst of bereavement, becomes a dysfunctional husband for Suramya, but becomes a loving father to Subhash, whom he maintains a friend-like relationship with. Nevertheless, he never gives up on the search for Ranmali even after many years, and starts it in a new dimension with the initiative of his classmate Gimhan, a Police officer. In this chain of events, they are made to confront conflicts with a number of thugs such as Piyadasa Mudalali, Banda, and Akman.

Ranmali’s protection, though she is not very pleased with it, is constantly taken care of by a Minister named Suriyapatabadi, Ranmali’s foster father since his youth. Suriyapatabadi doesn’t let Marlon know about Ranmali, although they used be friends in high school. He has two children; a son, Rehan, and a daughter, Sanwaree.

 Rehan is also a boxer and is in the same school as Akash. He and his friends Pubudu and Menaka stand rivals to Akash and Akash’s friends Amila and Sanuka, and do all the animosity he can toward Akash.  Subhash, who is newly admitted to the boys’ school from the village school by his mother in order to break his affair with Sihileli, also joins Akash’s gang. Rehan starts to hate Akash more fiercely when Akash gets selected for a boxing tournament in America.

By and by, Sanwaree – Rehan’s sister – falls in love with Akash, while Sayuri – Akash’s peer in the Girls’ college – also begins to develop feelings for him. A cold war arises between the two young women for the love of their dreams. Another reason for the conflict between Akash and Rehan to escalate is that Rehan also has fallen for Sayuri. The annual concert organised by the girls’ college also gets involved in these love conflicts between the youths. It is revealed that Sayuri’s parents Sunimal and Nelum also have an old grudge against Ranmali as the story unfolds.

Before the eyes of the audience, Es (eyes) unveils the story of Ranmali’s loss of Marlon’s love due to a conspiracy many years ago, that conspiracy, digging into that past by several parties, the many conflicts it causes, the development of Akash and Sanwari’s love in the present, and Rehan’s conflict with Akash with horror, curiosity, hatred, and love through human clashes. It reminds that the eyes shimmer not only with tears.

Simple and ordinary yet, uniquely beautiful

As the teledrama has already attracted a vast audience for the few days it has been aired, Ceylon Today reached out to Sameera, the director of Es, to gather his thoughts about the teledrama. As he mentions, the plotline of the teledrama is nothing very shocking or brand-new to the audience but the same old love story between a poor boy and a rich, minister’s daughter. Nevertheless, having a unique plot is not the only feature which makes a teledrama a chef d’oeuvre.

“Es, unlike my previous work, Chalo, is made for the mass audience and it is the typical lower-upper class love story we all are very familiar with. Yet, what is significant and I adore about the teledrama is that it makes an exit from the traditional locations and sets in Kandy. As per my knowledge, we were not given a chance to witness the beauty and romance of Kandy, the beautiful lake round and all, in a teledrama since Amba Yhaaluvo. So, this teledrama addresses to our nostalgia of missing Kandy and its romance. There are scenes where the characters stare at the sky sitting on a bench near the lake, or just mosey around the lake round and I love them. They are tragically romantic and extremely beautiful,” Sameera shared. “I get many comments from the audience saying that Es recreates their past, their memories, pleasures, and sorrows connected with Kandy. I am glad that we could sooth them”

Es has its claims of fame in the technical aspect as well. The perfect frames and the artistic shots are great assets to the teledrama as they capture even the subtlest emotions and feelings in a beautiful manner, deepening the audience’s connection with the teledrama. Furthering that, Sameera mentioned that the colour tone of the teledrama also is new and unique. “The artistic colour grading has added glamour to the teledrama making it highly watchable. I also received numerous feedbacks appreciating the colours of the teledrama, saying that it pleases the eye,” he added.

By Induwara Athapattu