Don’t Wait, Exfoliate


Exploring the wondrous world of skincare has been an educational experience for me to learn more about how dermatologists and cosmetics companies use their knowledge of the human body to create products that help bring out the best in every person. And one part of that is the use of an exfoliator.

Male skincare is something that although it may seem isn’t something that has caught on, it has in fact become an increasingly discussed topic. For those uninitiated, perhaps these few thoughts on the importance of exfoliating will convince you to make this a regular habit.

Not daily

Yes. It must be a regular habit, but not a daily one. Exfoliation involves removing the layer of dead skin cells that lie on the topmost layer of our skin, and obviously, it can leave the skin somewhat tender as a result. Those who have dry skin or sensitive skin have to be the most aware, and the common acceptance is exfoliating more than three times a week is a bit overkill.

It also makes common sense. Dead skin cells are removed after exfoliating, and you don’t have a completely new layer the next day. Overdoing it would damage the skin further and for those with acne, could make things worse. Too much of a good thing definitely is bad in this case.

How is it done?

There are two main ways skincare products help exfoliate the skin – chemically and physically. Chemically exfoliating the skin uses mild chemicals in the process and is a pretty simple deal. Those who have a lot of acne might appreciate chemical exfoliators better. Physical exfoliators use rough substances such as sugar to physically rub off the dead skin cell layer as you apply and massage it over your face.

Making physical exfoliators at home can be pretty simple, but I found over-the-counter solutions more convenient for me. But if you want to go home-made, more power to you.

What they said

Doing my research, I learned that many skincare advice blogs endorse regular exfoliation for a number of reasons. From maintaining an even skin tone to making makeup ‘sit’ better on your face, the list is pretty long. But makeup might not be the most relevant for men anyway.

But I did learn that regular exfoliation helps keep pores unclogged and reduce ingrown hairs. Both are very important for men to reduce facial acne and to have better, smoother shaves with less irritated skin. Additionally, regular exfoliation is said to keep the skin healthy and encourage cellular growth, meaning healthier and younger-looking skin and fewer wrinkles down the line, two things I think a lot of us can appreciate.

For me, the biggest thing that hooked me on regular exfoliation was the satisfying feeling of having fresh skin and enjoying how younger and smoother my skin looked afterwards. It was also very relaxing.

Don’t forget

Some aftercare is also needed after exfoliation. It’s always a good idea to use a light moisturiser after exfoliation to bring some natural moisture since the process does strip away a lot of the natural oils on the face. 

Of course, the biggest question is whether it’s really worth shelling out that money to go through with this in the first place. I am yet to notice any major improvement in the health of my skin, but I do concede that exfoliating every now and then has been a very relaxing way to help soothe my anxieties, and leave me feeling refreshed amidst all the madness going on. Perhaps it may be of benefit for you too.

By Shanuka Kadupitiyage