Appoint a President soon – BASL


The Bar Association of Sri Lanka (BASL) called for the appointment of a President in accordance with the Constitutional provisions without further delay.

BASL noted the uncertainty which has prevailed in the country since 9 July, over the resignation of the President and the appointment of the acting President under Article 37(1) of the Constitution which should have been avoided at a time when the country has been affected by social, political and economic instability. 

“In electing the new President, MPs now represent the entire electorate of Sri Lanka and must perform this onerous duty respecting the sovereignty of the People and their wishes and uphold democratic values.  

The need of the hour is to take decisions based on the best interests of the country and not the personal or political interests of any individual or political party,” BASL stressed.

BASL stated MPs must do everything in their power to prevent Sri Lanka from plunging into further chaos and to restore social, political and economic stability while calling upon all political parties to act in an expeditious manner to restore public confidence in the legal and Constitutional mechanisms of Sri Lanka.

“As we wait for an early resolution of the present crisis, the BASL urges the public to support the early conclusion of the Constitutional process and to refrain from any acts that would impinge on the important transition of power taking place in Sri Lanka for the first time in its history,” they added.