Unions defer hartal, strikes to Monday


The trade unions have decided to postpone the hartal and strike campaign, which had been set for today (15), till Monday (18), considering the current situation in the country, Co-convener of Trade Union Coordinating Centre (UCC), Ravi Kumudesh.

He said if the Acting President and Premier Ranil Wickremesinghe feels that he has the public support, he would have the opportunity to prove it in the upcoming election rather than finding shortcuts to remain in power and create chaos in the country.

“Therefore, it is the responsibility of all concerned parties to use the next 72 hours correctly, failing which the trade union movement would resort to trade union action with a hartal campaign,” Kumudesh warned yesterday (14). 

“There is a saying in English ‘If you can’t convince them confuse them’ which is what Wickremesinghe is doing now. As a reader of many books he may be even experimenting. Being unable to convince the people of the country to elect him as President or Prime Minister, he has made that goal as his only hope in life so much so that even people die, he will not abandon his goal.

Confusion has been created in the country with the Ranil-Gotabaya alliance. As the Acting President, Wickremesinghe is also the Prime Minister. When the President steps down eventually he will be the President.  The entire country has been confused by Articles 37, 38, 40 of the Constitution,” he lamented.

Kumudesh said persons who had been sent to cause turmoil at the Aragalaya had been chased out.

But ‘false publicity’ had been given to an incident in which it was publicised on social media that President of the Inter Company Employees’ Union (FUTA) Wasantha Samarasinghe had been attacked by those at the aragalaya, he alleged and added,

“It is still not clear where the group who came to occupy Parliament were from and where that decision was taken. But a T-56 firearm went missing with its ammunition. It should not be surprising if someone is shot using it claiming it was done by a protestor at the Aragalaya. The Acting President had already made a statement that it is a ‘Fascist struggle.’ Therefore, it is not difficult to understand the aim of the ongoing events.”

By Dilanthi Jayamanne