Medical Specialists urge all parties to reach consensus


Vehemently condemning President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s delay to resign, the Association of Medical Specialists (AMS) urged all political parties to reach a consensus, setting all their differences aside, for the sake of the country.

AMS President and Secretary Drs. Lakkumar Fernando and R. Gnanasekeram, in an open letter to all political parties and leaders of the apolitical ‘Aragalaya’ (People’s Struggle) yesterday (14), said the delay caused by President Rajapaksa to resign had provoked further violence and chaos in the country.

“However, being a lawyer and intellectual we expected much more responsible and selfless behaviour from the incumbent Prime Minister and Acting President Ranil Wickremesinghe to bring the situation under control,” the duo said adding that the union was extremely disappointed to note that his actions had provoked further violence in the country.

When the public opinion is that Wickremesinghe too had no mandateto govern the country, we urge him to step down immediately, they said.

All Political parties should put the country first as it is important to realise that it is the Parliament which can appoint the next President in the event of the resignation of the current one.

The AMS stressed on the importance of everyone permitting Parliament to proceed without any hindrance. “We hope and pray that the honourable speaker would act with utmost impartiality to see an end to this suffering,” they said.

Speaking appreciatively of all stakeholders in ‘Aragalaya’, in achieving the removal of the President, Drs. Lakkumar and Gnanasekeram said that all groups who wished for his resignation had hoped of getting the country back on track as the final goal.

But certain developments post 9 July 2022 have made the AMS and many other professional organisations “quite anxious and apprehensive” in the backdrop of the escalating acts of violence along with forced entry, acquisition and prolonged occupancy of State buildings and assets which are of archaeological and cultural value.

They appealed to all groups occupying those public places to vacate them and hand over them to the relevant authorities at the earliest.

“We plead of all leaders of Aragalayato urge their members to act with more restraint and greater responsibility at this crucial juncture of Sri Lankan history,” they added.