Inability to travel keeps residents in darkness


Due to the inability of CEB officers to travel to areas where they are sudden power outages, due to the current fuel crisis, they are unable to restore power to consumers for hours on end.

Residents living close to the Pasgoda Electricity Consumer Service Office charged that recent power outages in the nearby areas had not been restored for many hours by CEB officers forcing them to spend the night in total darkness.

According to residents, close to 300 families in areas such Lower Kiripitiya and Dummalagahahena villages have been forced to be without power for over a week with the CEB officers failing to restore power. Furthermore people residing in villages such as Alakoladeniya and Hulankanda have also suffered a similar plight for the past five days.

When contacted an official from the Pasgoda Electricity Service Office said that they are unable to travel to the said areas for want of diesel and noted that once fuel is provided for their vehicles they will strive to restore the power supply.

By Athuda Pathirana – Urubokka