Ensure smooth functioning of health, essential services – AMA


Urging all responsible parties to ensure the smooth functioning of health and other essential services amidst the current crisis, the Association of Medical Administrators (AMA) appealed to all concerned parties to ensure peace, constitutionalism, and rule of law in the country.

In statement, President and Secretary of AMA, Drs. DilankaThilakarathna and Anushika Abeynayake said, at a time when Sri Lanka was facing the worst crisis it has ever faced before and is in the verge of collapse politically, socially, and economically, the AMA firmly believe that all parties should take immediate action to find solutions in a democratic manner respecting the Constitution while maintaining law and order.

Expressing their deep concern about the unstable situation in the country, the duo said their outfit vehemently condemned the repression of protesters by force and request the Tri-Forces and the Police to refrain from harming the unarmed protesters.

“However, we also request the citizens of Sri Lanka to make the protests peaceful and nonviolent without being provoked or manipulated by opportunistic parties,” the duo urged. AMA emphasised the importance of a smooth and peaceful transition of power within the constitutional framework to a team who could fulfil true aspirations of all Sri Lankans. They called upon all parties to work hand-in-hand to overcome the crisis, for the betterment of the country and its people. (DJ)