Protesters occupy PM’s office


The anti-Government protesters occupied the Prime Minister’s Office in Flower Road, Colombo 07 yesterday (13) demanding Acting President Ranil Wickremesinghe step down immediately.

Prior to the announcement that Wickremesinghe was appointed as the Acting President, thousands of protesters gathered near the PM’s Office in the morning to express their displeasure over Wickremesinghe remaining in the Prime Minister post.

Police fired several rounds of tear gas to disperse the protesters. However, the crowd did not back down and more people gathered to protest against Wickremesinghe.

After few hours, the protestors stormed into the PM’s Office via the back entrance and over the side walls.  According to the National Hospital of Sri Lanka in Colombo, at least 30 protesters who sustained injuries were admitted for treatment. Protests broke out in several parts of Colombo yesterday (13) as anti-Government protesters called on both the President and Prime Minister to step down over the current economic crisis. 

By Methmalie Dissanayake