Fairfirst Insurance introduces Comprehensive Pedal Cycle Insurance Cover


Keeping up with the evolving trends in the external environment, Fairfirst recently introduced ‘Pedal Cycle Insurance’ as another industry-first insurance policy. Passionate about empathy-led innovation that always caters to evolving customer needs, the Company ensures that individuals are offered peace of mind when making sensible changes for the better.

Thus, with much consideration given to embracing a new mode of transportation, which is seen as essential in today’s lifestyle and change in the economic landscape, Pedal Cycle Insurance is a comprehensive product-cover that customers can consider.

Being protected against the unexpected, the Fairfirst Pedal Cycle Insurance policy comes with a range of benefits for choosing the smart way to commute, including:

Coverage due to total loss due to an accident or theft and burglary up to the full value of the bicycle Coverage due to a partial loss of up to 25 per cent of the sum insured following an accident Coverage against third-party damages In a quest to further simplify insurance, customers are guided through a simple end-to-end contactless on-boarding mechanism where they can easily reach out and talk to Fairfirst via WhatsApp on 0770 428428 and purchase the policy. In the event of a claim, customers can use the Company’s award-winning ‘Click2Claim’ facility for timely settlement of claims,virtually.

Commenting on this product-launch, Fairfirst Chief Sales Officer Sanjay Siriwardena said: “At Fairfirst, we play a pivotal role in offering a wide range of distribution capabilities, which has enabled us to cover different segments through relevant channels. The success and strength of our distribution capabilities are backed by relevant and updated empathy-led solutions that cater to individuals, businesses, and communities alike. One fine example of this is our newly introduced Pedal Cycle Insurance which is seen as an essential solution to today’s changing lifestyles in favour of sustainable living. And, whilst individuals evolve, we ensure that they are protected and guided through a simple on-boarding and claim process when making changes for the better.”