Cardinal urges vigilance amid political unrest


At a juncture when a number of democratic achievements had been made there are possibilities of both local and international forces creating greater damage by taking advantage of the current situation and causing conflicts, the Head of Sri Lanka’s Catholic Community, Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith warned.

Speaking to the media yesterday (13) Cardinal Ranjith said, “I earnestly request you all to understand this situation, and act with intelligence, vigilance and restraint.”

He appealed to all those engaged in the protests to remain non-violent and not become the pawns of conspiratorial forces. “Do not allow the special victory achieved to be marred before the entire world community.” The Cardinal called for peace and urged protesters not to take law into their hands. “Many milestones have been reached during this struggle and the only way to strengthen them is by not causing any harm.” 

He appealed for all to act intelligently and responsibly without being provoked in the next few days until the Speaker explained the political stance to the people. He urged the Speaker to hasten the process of announcing political decisions that are taken and fulfilling their aspirations with courage.  The Archbishop of Colombo appealed to the Armed Forces and Police and their leadership to understand the reasonable demands of people and help resolve the issue in their interest and that of the country, instead of using force.

By Dilanthi Jayamanne