Batti farmers get fuel relief for harvest season


Four thousand litres of diesel were distributed to farmers in the Batticaloa District, by the IOC fuel shed in the Batticaloa town yesterday (13) morning, for the third time.

The farmers were selected by officials following field visits and were given diesel on preferential basis according to the harvest date. These farmers come under four agrarian divisions in Batticaloa including Valaichchenai, Kiran and Mandakathandi Agrarian Service centres.

The owner of the IOC fuel shed in Batticaloa town, Deshabandu M. Selvarajah yesterday said that he is ready to distribute fuel to local farmers in the coming days to help them carry out paddy harvesting for the Yala Season.

The fuel shed had previously distributed fuel twice on preferential basis to local farmers. The farmers praised the fuel shed owner for his timely assistance.

By Naalir Jamaldeen