BASL urges protesters: Quit PM’s Office


While raising concerns over protesters occupying the Prime Minister’s Office at Flower Road, the Bar Association of Sri Lanka (BASL) called on them to return the said premises to the authorities immediately.

“Whilst the BASL will continue to uphold the rights of peaceful protests, it does not support a situation of lawlessness or anarchy which is unconstitutional. Attempts to occupy Government Offices and to cause destruction and or damage to property do not constitute peaceful protests,” the BASL stated.

They added it is necessary at this time for the Speaker, Prime Minister and leaders of all political parties in Parliament and the citizens to understand the fragile situation of the nation and to act with utmost responsibility and with a sense of sacrifice in the best interests of the country in order to prevent the creation of a situation that could lead to the breakdown of the Rule of Law.

“At this time BASL appeals to the People of Sri Lanka, especially those engaged in protests, to remain calm and to leave room for the peaceful transition of power which the political leaders of this country have promised,” the BASL stressed.

They emphasised that any act of violence or destruction to any private or public property could be used as an excuse to go back on the promises held out to the People.

“Any act to go back on an undertaking given to the People and on which the party leaders have acted to put in place the process to elect a successor to President Gotabaya Rajapaksa would be a serious breach of confidence. The disappointment of the People should be in the contemplation of political leaders who take such decisions,” they added.