Weerawansa presents ‘turnaround plan’


National Freedom Front (NFF) Leader Wimal Weerawansa presented a set of proposals to be considered after the appointment of a new President and Prime Minister.

Speaking to the media yesterday (12), Weerawansa said an all-party Interim Government should be formed as a first step.

“As soon as a new President and Prime Minister are appointed, an All-Party Conference with the participation of civil society organisations should be held. During that conference, a framework should be presented to the new President as to which steps should be taken to resolve the issues in the country,” he said.

“After that, a National Assembly should be formed and it should meet at least once a month. Also, there should be a separate committee to monitor whether the President and the Government are following the proposed framework and report the progress to the Nation.” Weerawansa said if these steps are followed, the country would stabilise in a short period and a conducive environment will be created for a General Election. “All political parties should shed differences and work together to uplift the country in a critical situation like this. We are ready to give our fullest cooperation to the new President and the Government if they consider our proposals,” he said. “If the present instability persists, the country will be colonised,” Weerawansa warned. Furthermore, he said damage to historical buildings such as the Presidential Secretariat and the President’s House in Fort have created a negative image about Sri Lanka. “As a result, some countries have cancelled flights,” Weerawansa added.

MPs Mohomad Muzammil and Jayantha Samaraweera also participated in the media briefing. 

By Kanchana Kolagolla