Indian fishers resume poaching in SL waters – Aalam


Mannar District Fishermen Cooperative Societies Union Federation Ltd. Secretary, N.M. Aalam yesterday (12) said Indian fishermen are poaching in Sri Lankan waters, taking advantage of the economic crisis in the country.

Aalam added that despite his complaints to authorities, no solution has been provided.

Aalam also requested Indian fishermen to stop plundering Sri Lanka’s marine resources, as thousands of families on the coastal belt are dependent on them for survival.

“It is the only means to feed our children. If this situation continues, we will die of starvation. Due to the prevailing fuel crisis, deep and shallow sea fishermen in the Mannar District are unemployed,” he stressed.

“It has been reported that several areas in the North are to be sold to foreigners. We need to obtain the views of fishermen. We won’t allow politicians to sell our resources,” Aalam said.

By Naalir Jamaldeen