Hand over historical buildings to Colombo GA


The Black Cap Movement, an active group of the GotaGoGama Aragalaya, noted that the historical buildings seized by the protesters should be immediately handed over to the Colombo District Secretary (GA).

Speaking to Ceylon Today, the movements’ spokesperson Buddhi Karunaratne said although this was a suggestion of the Black Cap Movement, the parties in the Aragalaya have been discussing the protection, maintenance and handing over of the seized State properties.

“The members of Aragalaya have been holding several rounds of discussion on when these properties should be handed over. We are very sorry for the damages done to the artefacts but these are the consequences of appointing an autocratic leader. Therefore, nobody can be held responsible for these damages. The President’s official residence, the Secretariat office and the Prime Minister’s residence were occupied by the protesters after a lot of effort. While we understand the symbolic value of acquiring these buildings as an expression of protest against the corrupt regime, we believe that the protection of those public premises and their inheritance to future generations is also a responsibility of the struggle,” he added.

He further noted that they respect the people who came to Colombo from all over the island for the culmination of the GotaGoGama protest that has been going on for more than 90 days, and they believe that this step should be taken without delay in order to ensure the future safety of these historic buildings and prevent further damage.

Further, Karunaratne added that the Black Cap Movement is against the suggested All Party Government which will continue the ideology of the sacked President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, and suggested that an Interim Governing Body which will represent the civilians should be appointed instead.

By Nabiya Vaffoor