Baby Cheramy assists parents of sextuplets


Baby Cheramy, a leading baby care brand in Sri Lanka, has always aligned its actions with their brand values by continuously encouraging inclusive parenting among parents. A few months ago, Baby Cheramy came forward with a commitment to support parents of sextuplets, who were the first-ever sextuplets to have been born in the country, and pledged to provide baby care products for a year, a spokesman said.       

Udayanga Maravangoda shared his experience of what the past few months have been like, “Having six kids was completely unexpected for both my wife, Dilini, and I. There were many physical, emotional, and financial challenges. Baby Cheramy’s help has gone a long way in easing some of the many needs we have. I made a commitment to be a fully involved father and I learned that my role was extremely important in raising my kids. Being an involved father and husband, I was able to provide emotional and physical support to my wife and our family.”

Baby Cheramy identified the needs of the parents and has come forward to provide the family with essential baby care products, including diapers, shampoo, soap, cream, and cologne. The initial set of products were delivered to Udayanga in October 2021.   

The mother, Dilini Wasana Dayananda said, “We are truly fortunate to for Baby Cheramy to be there for us these past few months. Baby Cheramy’s commitment to provide us with baby care essentials was very helpful, and it will be the same going forward, as we don’t have to worry about purchasing these products for the next few months, which is a big burden off our shoulders. My husband and I have faced every challenge together, which has helped us give our babies the best possible start in life.”