Amaraweera regrets being present


SLPP MP Mahinda Amaraweera lamented that doubts had been raised following the Party Leaders’ Meeting about whether there are leaders capable of rescuing the country from the present crisis.

He expressed his displeasure after listening to the baseless debates that occurred during the Party Leaders’ Meeting on 11 July to discuss the steps that will be taken following the President’s resignation.

He told the media that damage caused to the President’s House, the Presidential Secretariat, and Temple Trees is upsetting.

He said there is a portrait that costs about five LP Gas shipments, but he did not specify where or what it is. He urged trade unionists and protest leaders to protect priceless antiques and portraits in the premises.

Amaraweera also condemned the attack on Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe’s private residence, claiming that there were valuable books on law housed in it. He said destroying books in Wickremesinghe’s library is unacceptable. 

“Right now, there is a heated debate over who will become President and who will become Prime Minister. I am an independent Parliamentarian. We will have to wait and see what happens,” he said.

By Thameenah Razeek