Train fare hike put off for now


The train fare hike, which was to come into effect from today (12), has been put off indefinitely, likely due to the paper shortage prevailing in the country.

General Manager of Sri Lanka Railways, Dhammika Jayasundara, said there is no set date for the publication of the relevant Gazette, and he suspects that this is due to the current paper shortage.

However, he noted that they cannot predict whether the train fare hike will take place soon, despite the fact that it was scheduled for this month. He also confirmed that the Railways Department will notify commuters of the increase once the gazette notification is printed.

Jayasundara announced last week that train fares will rise to 40 to 50 per cent of bus fares within this month.

According to him, the increase will reduce the Department’s loss by Rs 6,000 million and its fuel expenses by Rs 12,000 million. He stated that because Cabinet approval has been obtained, the fare increase can be implemented at any time during the month.

According to Jayasundara, current train ticket prices are approximately 20 per cent of current bus fares, and the Railway Department loses approximately Rs 30 million per day as a result of the current ticket prices.

BY Thameenah Razeek