SLIIT ‘Guru Viru’ Teacher Training programme gains momentum


The “Guru Viru” Teacher Training programme, yet another CSR initiative of SLIIT, is empowering teachers to raise the standard on their professionalism.

The main objective of the programme is to improve the knowledge, skills and attitudes of teachers and individuals training to become quality teachers, to uplift their teaching skills and improve the effectiveness of the teaching learning process which is match to the 21st century education needs.

More than 2,000 professionals related to the education field have taken part in nine sessions across the country so far. Begun in 2021, due to the pandemic, the sessions were conducted online and progressed to in-person training. All programmes are conducted free of charge by SLIIT. 

Among the institutes that SLIIT Guru Viru has been conducted to-date include the Mahaweli National College of Education – Polgolla, the Siyane National College of Education – Veyangoda, Primary Teachers of Royal College Colombo and PGDip in Education Students at SLIIT, at the Doranegama Maha Vidyalaya – Katugasthota, the Hapitigam National College of Education – Mirigama and at Sandalankawa Central College – Negombo.

The SLIIT Guru Viru programme trains teachers on topics related to improving their teaching skills and other abilities. Popular sessions conducted to-date have been on Action Research, Lesson Planning, and improving statistical skills and data analysis. Other areas that have been covered include A New Approach to the Classroom, Educational Law and Fundamental Rights and Effective Online Teaching Techniques. SLIIT is able to cater to the needs of institutes and teachers conducting sessions based on their requirements.

The sessions are being led by experienced SLIIT staff members, with an emphasis on those who are exceptionally knowledgeable in their respective subject areas. Elaborating on the programme Dr. Virajith Gamage, Senior Lecturer (Higher Grade) of the School of Education, SLIIT Faculty of Humanities & Sciences said, “We understand that teaching is considered to be among the noblest of professions and our Guru Viru CSR programme aims to empower practitioners and improve their capacities through knowledge, skills, attitude and professional development. It is vital need to develop the knowledge, skills and attitude of teachers to match with 21st century schools and the classroom because our children represent the 21st century. To-date we have successfully completed nine sessions and believe through the Guru Viru programme, teachers will benefit from our specialist subject expertise and grow confident fully prepared to inspire children across the nation.”

Future plans of the Guru Viru programme is to expand training to areas such as Mahiyangana, Galle and Giriulla. Additionally, Guru Viru aims to conduct its programmes across all 19 National Colleges of Education upon their request. To-date five programmes have been conducted at three National Colleges of Education successfully in order to fulfil their requests.

SLIIT is firmly committed in empowering teachers and aims to continue to offer Guru Viru programmes as a national service enabling all teachers and individuals seeking a career in teaching, across the country to benefit.

SLIIT invites Educational Zones, Institutes and schools that wish to organise Guru Viru sessions to contact Thiranjaya Meegasdeniya on 076 3638 200 for further information.